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Hey, I’m Burk Smyth.

That’s me, on the right, in the picture. On the left is my twin brother, Taylor.  

I’m a copywriter based in Baltimore, working at Jellyfish. I work solely with the PlayStation Esports and Competitive Gaming team, on everything from social copywriting and scripts to ideation, social analytics, creative production, and YouTube management. I was the highlight producer for our wonderful Evo Lounge show. 

I am a (vaguely in recovery) sneakerhead and horrific music nerd (want to talk about kpop and/or black metal? I’m here.)  I also play video games, believe it or not.  

I need to update my book to reflect my PlayStation work. That said, if you see an Apex Legends GG Guide on YouTube or any tournament related tweet on @PlayStation, that’s me. 

If you want to play Super Smash Brother Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube or if you need me for uh, paid services, hit me up:

I’m also in a bunch of other places on the internet:

here’s my resume.

if you wanna tweet, followe me on twitter.

if you wanna network, here’s my linkedin.

if you wanna play some video games or trade some csgo skins, hit me up on steam.

if you wanna play the worst Marth in MD/VA, I’m ALBA#616 on Slippi.



        wunderman thompson, new york, ny
            september ‘19 - present
            freelance copywriter

        wunderman thompson, new york, ny
             july ‘19 - september ‘19
             copywriting intern

        renegade communicaitons, baltimore, md
             april ‘17 - august ‘17
             digital marketing intern

        renegade communicaitons, baltimore, md
             may ‘14 - july ‘14
             account management intern

        big cheese magazine/vive le rock, london, uk
             february ‘14 - april ‘14
             marketing and editorial intern


        miami ad school, new york, ny
             sept ‘17 - sept ‘19

        boston university, boston, ma
            sept ‘11 - may ‘15
            bs, advertising, cum laude