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Ready for Action

Men are intimidated by makeup and insecure about their appearance, but they’re expected to look flawless without any effort. To help, Smashbox and Michael B. Jordan teamed up for MBJ X 321, the makeup line designed to keep men touched-up and ready for their lives.

The Line


We’re rebranding the Smashbox website, featuring male models shown in action alongside MBJ.

AR Touch-Up Mirrors

We’re installing AR touch-up mirrors in men’s bathrooms and storefronts, showing them that a touch-up with MBJ X 321 can make a huge difference.

Pop-up Shop

Smashbox brings back the gentlemen’s club as a pop-up where men can test out MBJ X 321.




We’re partnering with Hinge, encouraging men to touch-up their photos as they create their account.

CW: Burk Smyth
AD: Tori Roy
AD: Lauren Piccirillo

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